Five Key Elements for Positive Youth Development

In order for The Boys & Girls Club of the Piedmont to accomplish its mission; we have learned that the level of impact the club has on our people depends on how often and how long members participate, as well as how well the club implements the following Five Key Elements for Positive Youth Development:


  • Safe, Positive Environment: Club staff, programs and age-appropriate settings create stability, consistency and a sense of physical and emotional safety for members. The Club provides structure and clearly defines acceptable behaviors.

  • Fun: The BGCP generates fun for it's members. Members develop a strong sense of belonging through connections they establish with staff and peers. Staff members make the Club feel like home, fostering a family atmosphere and creating a sense of ownership for members.

  • Supportive Relationships: Club youth develop meaningful relationships with adults and their peers. Staff members actively encourage such relationships. Staff members display warmth, caring, appreciation, acceptance and guidance in their interactions with members.

  • Opportunities and Expectations: Club youth acquire physical, social, technological, artistic and life skills. Clubs encourage members to develop a moral character while reinforce high expectations and help members with school and post-secondary education.

  • Recognition: Clubs recognize and support young people’s self-worth and accomplishments. Staff members encourage youth and provide positive reinforcement as they make improvements and experience successes. The Club showcases young people’s achievements.