Mentoring Program

What Is the Mentoring Program all about?

Because relationships and a sense of bonding occur over time between mentors and mentees, the duration and consistency of each mentoring relationship is very important. Mentors and mentees should meet regularly, at a minimum of once a week during the course of a school year.

There are exceptions, such as mentoring that coincides with the school year and other types of special mentoring initiatives. Youth being mentored need to know from the outset how long they can expect the relationship to last so they can adjust their expectations accordingly.

Mentoring is not just volunteering, coaching or teaching, although those can certainly be part of a mentoring relationship.

It involves a sustained and long-term contact, and a personal relationship that goes beyond mere communication of a skill.

Recruiting Minority Male Mentors

The gap between minority male youth who are in need of mentors and the supply of minority males who are serving in a mentoring capacity is an ongoing national challenge. Recognizing this, BGCP has identified minority male mentor recruitment as one of the goals of its mentoring program. The Boys & Girls Club is uniquely positioned to contribute to closing that gap. All of the positive outcomes and benefits of a mentoring relationship are further enhanced when youth can be connected with mentors who can serve as role models. Minority male mentor recruitment must be intentional to gain maximum success. In addition to training professional staff and Club volunteers, the Club is reaching out in our community to form and strengthen partnerships that enhance the opportunities to identify minority male mentors. This is an opportunity to step beyond the walls of the Club and become a leader in addressing an often neglected community need.

For more information on how you can be a part of the Mentoring team, please contact:

Nakayla Griffin, Mentor Coordinator